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  • Fire Protection services, Sprinkler & Alarm Layout of Australia Centre, Australia.
  • Wiring Diagram & Outline Drawing of Thomson-CSF Pacific Pty Limited, Australia.
  • Floor Plan, Detail, Section, Elevation, Ceiling Plan, Roof Plan, Site Plan, Drainage Plan, Schematic Piping Diagrams, Electrical Engineering Services of Broken Hill City Council, Tourist & Traveler’s Centre, Australia.
  • Outline Drawing, Foundation Drawing, Schematic Diagram of Transformer, Location of Valves and Air Release Flanges, Assembly Drawing of Marshalling Kiosk, Wiring Diagram & Radiator Valve of Fuji Electric Co. Ltd.
  • B100SF/8 Series 4 Conveyor, Print Register Static Eliminator and Tear Tape of Marden Edwards Limited Wimborne, England.
  • DSA-Stamping Machine, Continuous Caster Plant Torch Cutting Machine Cable Block Diagram of BHP Steel of Australia.
  • Floor Plan, Section, Detail, Elevation, Roof Plan, Ceiling Plan, Site Layout, Electrical Plan, Structural Plan, Hydraulic Plan of New Eastern Hill Fire Station, Melbourne, Australia.
  • 275kV Detailed Wiring Diagram Tailem Bend Substation, The Electricity Trust Of South Australia, Australia.
  • Locality Plan Of Geochemical Stream Sediment Samples, Anaconda Australia Inc, North Flinders Mines N.L., Australia.
  • Emergency Water Tank-Plan, Section, Detail, Elevation Of Pm Design Group, Engineering And Maintenance Support Services, Australia.
  • Fire Detection Block Plan, Strathalbyn & District Soldiers Memorial Hospital. Australia.
  • Floor Plan, Detail, Section of Delissa INSTITUTE BUILDING, S.A.C.A.E. MAGILL CAMPUS, Australia.
  • Floor Plan, Detail, Section, Elevation, Site Layout, Roof Plan, Ceiling Plan, Fire Sprinkler Drawing, Single Line Diagram of Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board (Fire Station No. 7), Australia.
  • Line Diagram of Associated Minerals Consolidated Limited, Australia.
  • Floor Plan, Roof Plan , HVAC Plan, Fire Alarm Wiring, Power and Systems Plan of The Forum at Deer Creek, Forum Group Retirement community, Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA.
  • Floor Plan, Roof Plan of Oak Brook Terrace at Illinois, U.S.A.
  • Floor Plan of Cary at North Carolina, U.S.A.
  • Electrical Layout of Foster City at San Mateo County, Ca, U.S.A.
  • Floor Plan, Roof Plan, Electrical Layout of Las Colians at Texas, U.S.A.